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Let's talk about your idea! You're expected to explain it in but one sentence, to answer each and every question about it and to excite your audience from the very first sentence. Your idea has to perform and you have to sell it properly. The perfect pitch is not only a standard powerpoint presentation but your most valuable business card. What's your purpose? What's your impact? And what is your true story behind?


In our STARTUP:conversation Bavarian and Czech Startups discuss their ideas, purpose, how they are impacting markets and what makes their story exciting and unique. With our international coaches you'll get to know your idea from a new perspective and step up your confidence. Take this chance to improve your English skills for an international audience, to inspire and to learn with aspiring entrepreneurs.


STARTUP:conversation is aiming to be the most inspiring workshop concept along and across the border of Bavaria and Czech Republic. Your team profits from knowledge and experience from amazing English speaking coaches, experts in their fields and inspiring role models for free - you'll deepen your understanding of your business concept, gain insights in the potential of your idea and discover what drives you and your team to success. STARTUP:conversation is a great opportunity not only to grow your language confidence but also to grow your network with international partners.


26th of October: INTRO

9th of November, 10am - 12am: PURPOSE

1st of December, 4pm - 6pm: IMPACT

7th of December, 10am - 12am: STORY

14th of December: PITCH

Who can participate?

Three Startups from Lower Bavaria and Upper Palatinate and three Startups from Czech Republic will be chosen in an application process, participating with up to two team members each. Preconditions are a MVP, prototype and / or existing clients to proof your concept, you have to feel comfortable talking English on a basic or advanced level and at least one of your team members has to be at each workshop session.

The selection criteria include the startup's residence, date of foundation (< 5 years), stage of development and motivation. For details and questions please contact Stephanie Fichtl!

Is English an issue?

The language of conversation and discussion is English so everyone can participate but you must not bother to translate existing documents, pitch decks, etc. - Having those in German or Czech is just fine. We want to encourage you to speak freely, to ask questions and to comment on each others ideas. Your application documents as well as your final pitch deck can be set up in either language. If you hesitate to apply because you don't feel confident enough or assume it might not be useful to discuss your business model in English, talk to us! Leaving your comfort zone might do wonders to your mind.

What's the agenda?

You'll send your application papers for one of six seats until the 10th of October, includig an existing pitch deck and a simple letter of motivation. Show us, why your team will make the best out of this workshop! The six golden tickets will start with our INTRO workshop. You'll meet the other participants and their ideas, along with our team and agenda for the following sessions. The real deal are the focus workshops on PURPOSE, IMPACT and STORY of your startup: Each session is hosted by an excellent coach focussing on individual aspects of your business idea. You will discuss and re-evaluate your pitch within in the group and present your newborn pitch deck in the final workshop session. We'll offer enough space for questions, feedback and support.



Nwabisa Mayema is Strategic Partnerships Director at Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship South Africa

"The Branson Centre exists to change business for good - for people, planet and profit. My purpose is to connect people to each other and to opportunities so my mission as the Strategic Partnerships Director is to ensure that the Branson Centre is the most collaborative enabler of the entrepreneurs in South Africa. I like to call myself an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs."


Eliada Wosu Griffin-EL is Associate Professor of Management and Director of the Massey Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Robert Morris University 

Dr. Griffin-EL is a global scholar with a passion for creating purpose-driven learning ecosystems for entrepreneurial thinking and action across higher education. With a decade-long scholarly career in entrepreneurship and global political economics, Dr. Griffin-EL has served as a university leader for entrepreneurial initiatives in South Africa,  and currently, in the United States. As a dedicated professor, she is committed to cultivating the next generation of innovative and disruptive change agents. She is a published scholar and award-winning educator,  whose research examines the networked and sociological underpinnings of innovation and venture creation for systemic change. Dr. Griffin-EL received her Ph.D. in Global Political Economics and Masters in International Development from the University of Pittsburgh, and Bachelor Degree in Sociology from Yale University.


Emily McDonnell is the founder of The Staycation Collection and Corporate Communications Manager at Omio.

Emily is a communications strategist and storyteller with over 8 years of experience, including with The Guardian, Oxford University and Volkswagen. She is driven by empowering people through experience, with a focus on travel, food, social impact and innovation.

Intro & Pitch

Alexander Dorn is Program Manager of the Silicon Valley Programs at the new Bayerischen Innovations Transformationszentrum (BITZ) TC Oberschneiding, Deggendorf Institute of Technology. The former Project Manager and Head of Sales, among others for Microsoft and Amway Europe, has been supporting teams and startups with their preparations for the final pitch before Silicon Valley investors. 

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